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First Post as an Author

This isn't entirely true. I have a few other small blogs, but this is the first one on a website for me as an author and not related to a specific topic besides me.

I am currently working on multiple books at once. My WIP (Work in Progress) for the rough draft stage is my first work of fiction. It is an academy/princess book mash-up. I'm super excited about it. It will be most likely a 5-6 book series.

I am also working on small cookbooks for freeze-drying. My progress for those books is detailed at however I will also link to them here.

I am also editing my second book on bipolar disorder. It is a follow-up titled Balancing your Bipolar Depression. It is more in-depth on the depression side of the coin and is a more honest look at depression because the first book was written while I was hypomanic.

I hope you enjoy following my journey. Feel free to drop me an email anytime at

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